Tin Trunk Safaris

The difference is
that nothing’s the same.

Some trips evaporate.

They’re taken, and almost as quickly, forgotten.
Other journeys rewrite who you are.

At Tin Trunk we believe that the
quality of the adventure requires an
understanding of the adventurer.

That through careful study and preparation,
your journey becomes more profound.

Designed. Not overplanned.

A thoughtfulness that positions the traveler to
find those indelible moments.

In the end, our goal is simple.

To guide you on a departure from other luxury
vacations. To leave you with memories
that never quite leave you.

Because to be unmoved by the world
– and unchanged by its journeys
is not an acceptable outcome.

Nella Nencini-Hutchings, Ph.D

The founder and CEO of Tin Trunk Safari, Nella Nencini-Hutchings first visited Africa from her home in Tuscany almost two decades ago, while on a horse safari in Kenya. She fell in love with it and never left.

Since then, Nella has lived on Lake Naivasha with her family. She personally test-drives every place to which she sends clients and travels around the continent to ensure the lodges, camps and beach havens remain committed to the important conflation of wildlife conservation and local community - and to highest care of Tin Trunk guests.

Nella is the only one who works with clients to design their trips, from start to finish and when not hand-crafting epic journeys across Africa, she can be found piloting her Cessna 185 bush plane, “5Y-BAD” or interviewing guides and conservationists for Nella’s Tin Trunk Podcast.

A Journey with Tin Trunk

Nella's Tin Trunk Podcast

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